Yamakiikai Tokoname Japanese Teapot

Yamakiikai Tokoname Japanese Teapot

Yamakiikai Tokoname Japanese Teapot

Deep steamed tea, which in three minutes and longer the tea minutes to 1 steaming process, tea from the leaves becomes very soft, tea leaves becomes finer with fir-process, areas of tea dust will also be the many tea. Because it is a fine tea, delicate mesh tea strainer when it is brewed to be asked to be brewing strain. This was with a tea strainer made of stainless steel fine mesh, it is a teapot that was suitable for brewing deep steamed tea.

Product Details

Capacity: 260cc (This will be 80% at the time of full capacity.)

Origin: Tokoname (Japan)

Material Composition: Pottery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can this teapot be used for other types of tea?
  • Is the tea strainer removable?
  • How do I clean this teapot?


The Yamakiikai Tokoname Japanese Teapot is a beautiful and functional teapot that is perfect for brewing deep steamed tea. Its black and white cherry blossom pattern adds a touch of elegance to any tea-drinking experience. With its fine mesh tea strainer and 260cc capacity, this teapot allows for a smooth and flavorful tea brewing process. Made of high-quality pottery from Tokoname, Japan, this teapot is a must-have for tea enthusiasts.