Pro Circuit 1161725 R-304 2-Stroke Silencer

Pro Circuit 1161725 R-304 2-Stroke Silencer

Are you looking for a high-performance silencer for your two-stroke engine? Look no further than the Pro Circuit 1161725 R-304 2-Stroke Silencer. This silencer has been specifically developed for closed-course racing, offering optimum performance gains for competitive riders.


Compact Design

The R-304 silencer features a compact design with a short aluminum canister. This design not only enhances the overall aesthetics of your bike but also improves its performance. The compact size allows for better weight distribution and maneuverability on the track.

Easy Maintenance

Hex head screws are used to secure the inlet cap of the silencer. This makes it easy to remove the cap for quick re-packing of the silencer. Regular maintenance ensures that your silencer continues to perform at its best, providing you with consistent power and sound reduction.

Durable Construction

The Pro Circuit 1161725 R-304 2-Stroke Silencer is built to last. It features a 304 stainless steel intake tube, which provides excellent durability and resistance to corrosion. The double-walled mounting bracket adds extra strength and stability, ensuring that the silencer stays securely in place during intense racing conditions. The silencer body is made from 6061 T6 brushed aluminum, which not only looks great but also offers superior strength and heat dissipation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the R-304 silencer for trail riding?

No, the R-304 silencer is specifically designed for closed-course racing. Its compact design and performance characteristics make it unsuitable for trail riding.

2. How often should I re-pack the silencer?

We recommend re-packing the silencer every 10-15 hours of riding, depending on the conditions. Regular re-packing ensures optimal performance and sound reduction.

3. Will the R-304 silencer fit my bike?

The R-304 silencer is designed to fit a wide range of two-stroke bikes. However, we recommend checking the compatibility with your specific make and model before making a purchase.


The Pro Circuit 1161725 R-304 2-Stroke Silencer is the perfect choice for competitive riders looking to enhance the performance of their two-stroke engines. Its compact design, easy maintenance, and durable construction make it a top-notch silencer for closed-course racing. Invest in the R-304 silencer and experience the power and reliability it brings to your racing endeavors.