Molykote(R) 111 Silicone Compound – Valve Lubricant and Sealant

Molykote(R) 111 Silicone Compound – Valve Lubricant and Sealant

Molykote(R) 111 Silicone Compound – Valve Lubricant and Sealant

Introducing Molykote(R) 111 Silicone Compound, the ultimate solution for valve lubrication and sealing. With its excellent water resistance and versatile application methods, this compound is a must-have for various industries. Whether you’re in SCUBA gear, underwater photography, marine applications, or even kitchen and bathroom water faucet valves, Molykote(R) 111 has got you covered.


Regulations: 21 CFR 175.300; NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) Standard 51 & 61

Color: Translucent

Service Temperature: -40 Deg C to +200 Deg C

Consistency: NLGI 3

Solubility: Insoluble in water, methanol, ethanol, or mineral oil


Molykote(R) 111 Silicone Compound is widely used in various applications:

  • SCUBA gear
  • Underwater photography cameras/housings
  • Watersports equipment
  • Marine applications
  • Kitchen/bathroom water faucet valves and cartridges
  • Swimming pool systems
  • Reverse osmosis systems
  • Drinking water filtration systems
  • UltraViolet systems
  • Water softener and carbon water filtration systems
  • Potable water and food contact equipment applications


Molykote(R) 111 Silicone Compound offers the following benefits:

  • Safe for O-rings, seals, and gaskets
  • Easy application by hand, brushing, or wiping
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Resistant to dilute acids and alkalines
  • Chemical barrier coating

Q: Is Molykote(R) 111 Silicone Compound safe for use with rubber and plastic O-rings, gaskets, and seals?

A: Yes, it is safe for use with EPDM, rubber, and plastic seats, seals, and gaskets.

Q: Can Molykote(R) 111 be used as a sealant for vacuum and pressure systems?

A: Absolutely! It is an excellent sealant for vacuum and pressure systems.

Q: Does Molykote(R) 111 prevent gaskets from sticking to metal?

A: Yes, it acts as an anti-stick and sealant for transformer gaskets and equipment enclosures, resisting weathering and water washout.


Molykote(R) 111 Silicone Compound is the ultimate choice for valve lubrication and sealing needs. With its excellent water resistance, easy application, and compatibility with various materials, it ensures optimal performance and longevity. Trust Molykote(R) 111 for all your lubrication and sealing requirements.