Molykote 1000 – Solid Lubricant Paste | 4p Distributors

Molykote 1000 – Solid Lubricant Paste | 4p Distributors

Molykote 1000 – Solid Lubricant Paste

Molykote 1000 is a solid lubricant paste and antiseize compound that contains no lead or nickel. It is specifically designed for use in bolted metal joints, providing exceptional lubrication and protection.

Features and Benefits

Wide Temperature Range

Molykote 1000 can be used over a wide range of temperatures, from -30°C/-22°F to +650°C/1,202°F. This makes it suitable for various applications, even in extreme conditions.

Corrosion Protection

One of the key advantages of Molykote 1000 is its excellent corrosion protection. It forms a protective barrier on the metal surface, preventing rust and corrosion, even in harsh environments.

High Load-Carrying Capacity

With its solid lubricant formulation, Molykote 1000 offers a high load-carrying capacity. It reduces friction and wear, ensuring smooth operation and extending the lifespan of the bolted joints.

Consistent Friction Coefficient

Even after multiple bolt retightening and loosening processes, the coefficient of friction remains unchanged in the area of oiled bolts. This ensures consistent performance and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Molykote 1000 suitable for outdoor applications?

Yes, Molykote 1000 provides excellent corrosion protection, making it suitable for outdoor applications where exposure to moisture and other environmental factors is a concern.

Can Molykote 1000 be used on all types of metals?

Molykote 1000 is compatible with most metals, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. However, it is always recommended to test compatibility on a small area before full-scale application.

How should Molykote 1000 be applied?

Molykote 1000 should be applied in a thin, even layer to the surfaces of the bolted joints. It can be easily applied using a brush, spatula, or other suitable tools.


Molykote 1000 is a reliable and versatile solid lubricant paste that offers excellent lubrication, corrosion protection, and high load-carrying capacity for bolted metal joints. With its wide temperature range and consistent friction coefficient, it ensures smooth operation and long-lasting performance. Buy Molykote 1000 from 4p, authorized distributors of Molykote products.