24mm Green Panerai Style Smooth Soft Leather Watch Band

24mm Green, Panerai Style, Smooth Soft Leather Watch Band


So you’re thinking about purchasing a new 24mm Panerai Watch Band for Men and Women? Congratulations! Welcome to your watch’s new life! Now that you know what size you’re looking for, you must be asking yourself, “Why this smooth 24mm Vintage Leather Watch Band? What does this sleek 24mm Panerai style band have to offer?”

Quality Replacement Band

This high-quality, stylish 24mm watchband olive green thick watch leather strap perfectly balances fresh fashion with feasible function. Made of durable, comfortable, and high-quality genuine leather with nubuck lining, this Panerai style band will instantly bring new life to your watch. Try this classy look today.

Dimensions for Best Fit

The LUG WIDTH of this particular Panerai leather strap is 24mm with a BUCKLE WIDTH of 22mm, and the LENGTH is MEN’S REGULAR LENGTH of 115x75mm or approximately 4.5”x 3”. The size of your watch will also determine the final fit.

Ultimate Comfort

Smooth and padded mens leather with a polished stainless steel buckle to top it all off; this Panerai Strap 24mm is designed for maximum comfort that fits all men and women.

Ease of Use

Easily interchangeable, rugged thickness, superb value. This 24mm watch strap is the perfect complement to any lifestyle.

There’s More

Be sure to check out our vast selection of other leather bands as well as NATO and PVC straps that come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes. There’s a watchband for any occasion, so look your very best at every moment. Order multiple styles in order to mix and match with the rest of your wardrobe.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can this watch band fit other watch brands?
  2. Is the buckle adjustable?
  3. How long does the leather last?
  4. Can women wear this watch band?
  5. Is the strap waterproof?


In conclusion, the 24mm Green, Panerai Style, Smooth Soft Leather Watch Band is a high-quality replacement band that offers both style and comfort. With its durable genuine leather and sleek design, it is the perfect complement to any watch. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your watch’s look with this classy and fashionable band. Order yours today and experience the difference it makes.